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In the twentieth century, there have been many exemplary presidents, especially in modern times. However, none have stood out like our current president, Barack Obama, has. In order to have a productive president, there need to be economic, social, and political problems to address. From 2009 until now, there have certainly been many of those challenges that America has faced. Based on his economic, social, and political actions, President Barack Obama proved to be the most effective modern president during his terms in office.

Although the president does not dictate the economy, the economy reflects on the president’s achievements and success. Barack Obama inherited an awful economy from his predecessor, George W. Bush. The Recession of 2008, caused by the housing market crash, left the unemployment rate high and the country in shambles. In response to this, Obama passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which gave tax cuts to the middle class, aided the nation’s infrastructure, and gave grants to prevent job cuts. This piece of legislation expedited the official end of the recession, even though there were many tough years afterwards. However, both interest rates and unemployment are phenomenally low, which indicates the economy is on the
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For a country that enforced segregation only half a century ago, it’s to both his and America’s credit that he was elected at all. Since President Obama is a minority, he has supported the underdog and fought for civil rights time and time again. Even though it was the Supreme Court’s decision to let gay and lesbian couples marry, it was Obama that stood by and campaigned for LGBT rights, even in his first election. Addittionally, Obama has been very coval in his support for women’s rights; for instance, his very first executive action was to sign the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which combats the wage gap for

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