Baptism Is An Important Part Of The Church Essay

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Baptism has been an important part of the church for centuries. Unfortunately, baptism has also caused many arguments and controversies in the church for centuries. Since baptism is such an important part of the church, the individual believer, and the believer’s family, it seems right for there to be no arguments about it. However, different beliefs on what baptism truly signifies and different beliefs about the relationship between the Old and New Testaments have in part caused these arguments. The arguments are not whether or not baptism should be administered, but how it should be done. Some Christians believe infants should be baptized if their parents are believers, while others believe that an individual should only be baptized after receiving Christ. Arguments also ensue regarding whether baptism should happen by immersion or by sprinkling water. Although many Protestants disagree, baptism should be administered to infants of Christian parents by sprinkling water.
Before discussing which way of baptism is correct, a broader question must first be asked: is baptism a sacrament, and what does it do for the believer? Sacraments are holy signs and seals of the covenant of grace. They are immediately instituted by God to represent Christ and His benefits, and to confirm our interest in Him (Reymond, 917). Since baptism is something performed in the church by fellow believers, where does the immediate institution by God come into play? The grace exhibited by the sacrament…

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