Banning Sugary Snacks And Drinks At Schools Essay

779 Words Apr 4th, 2016 4 Pages
Nowadays, everyone can see many vending machines at schools or in the public places. These students spend a lot of money to buy fast food, snack, or the carbonated beverages from the vending machines; according to the NBC News, there is about $214,000 to make money from these machines in the Seattle schools. It is a huge number when the food does not guarantee health for these students. People will have bad habit when they receive excess sugar in their body from the fast food every day. In addition, if the vending machines does not put in any school or in the public places, these students can control their diet to reduce unhealthy food. Also, they can save money to have healthy meals after school. Besides, many people have many ways to solve how to ban sugary snacks and drinks at schools. They can propagate this bad consequences or by these ways of education at school or at home.
Sugary snacks and drinks almost sell at schools; the vending machines or sells can make money from this business. Also, they sell this junk food for these students in school cafeteria; they do not know that sugary snacks or drinks are unhealthy food. They just think that these products are very cheap, and they are suitable with the budget of students. Moreover, the schools at Greenville Country, some people continue to sell sugary snacks or drinks. People can understand that this fast food is unhealthy, but they make money to support their life. In addition, the sells think that these items are…

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