Banning Junk Food And Snacks Essay

705 Words Mar 29th, 2016 3 Pages
Banning of junk food and snacks has been a very controversial in the public school system. Some public school systems have already implemented the banning of sodas and junk food. Junk food is any type of food with no nutritional value. Each public school should take part in this ban nationwide. Soda and junk foods contain no nutritional value therefore consuming these products daily cause multiple health issues. A daily routine of consuming sodas and junk food during school hours alone will contribute to bad habits being set in daily life.

Sodas and junk food are linked to many health issues. These health issues include; effects on mental health, obesity and higher risks of heart disease, and academic performance is affected as well. The mental health of our children as they grow is very important. A diet of junk food and soda link children in school with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and poor focus and concentration. Consuming foods high in sugars and empty calories during lunch periods cause kids to lose their focus in classes to follow, and some even have that feeling of “crashing”. Childhood obesity is on the rise in the U.S. Selling sodas and junk food are not contributing to this matter in a positive way. Children who consume these foods that are higher in calories, fat, carbohydrates, sugars, and artificial sugars; are more likely to have a battle with obesity in their lifetime. With this type of diet less fruit, fiber, dairy, and vegetables are consumed. Obese…

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