Ballet : A Classical Dance Essay

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The word “Ballet” itself is French in origin, ballet is a classical dance form with flowing patterns to create expression through movement. It’s a form of art just like how artists express themselves through paintings, ballet dancers show passion through dancing. Over the years ballet has changed in every way. In the early 1400’s an Italian man named Domenico described theatrical dances called Balletto. Luxurious pageants of music and dance would be done, women and men both would attend these pageants. Men were fully garbed in wigs, blouses, jackets and bloomers. The women were ornate gowns of many layers comfortable to stand and perform in. The people would have hundreds people including hired performers and members of Duke’s court who’s purpose was to impress the nobility of neighboring states. The duke’s would rule Florence and other Italian city-states. A woman named Catherine de Medicis, a member of the ruling family of Florence, left Italy but did not leave her love of arts behind. She brought a man by the name Balthasar de Beaujoyeulx with her to France to be her chief musician. Those historians did not reject the less defined techniques of the Italian Balletto as the historical root of ballet, the performance of the Ballet Comique de la Reine at the Palais du Petit Bourbon in Paris as the true birth of Ballet .When de Medicis got married to Henri II in 1553, she introduced the same kind of culture to France as she had known in Italy. It has said that Paris is…

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