Essay on Balancing The Priorities Of Today, And The Needs Of Tomorrow

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At the start of this course, I thought sustainability was about balancing the priorities of today, and the needs of tomorrow. While I would still include that in my definition, it has been expanded and developed. For me, sustainability is now a way of being the world that balances the well being of humans and the planet. The equilibrium between humans, and the environment is a delicate one. While the earth is our home, we’ve never known what we’ve been doing because we’ve never known what we’ve been undoing (Steven Mannell, personal communication, SUST1000 Cluster 1, 2015). Humans do not always consider the consequences of our actions, or stop to think about how devastating they can be for the planet; it is as though we sometimes forget that there is no planet B. If everyone lived like Canadians in 2009, we would need 4.3 earths (Steven Mannell, personal communication, SUST1000 Cluster 2, 2015). This represents an imbalance in our relationship with our surroundings. While sharks kill only ten people a year, people kill up to 100 million sharks in contrast (Boris Worm, personal communication, SUST1000 Cluster 3, 2015). Sharks as a species demonstrate not only the threat of extinction, one of the major environmental crises of our time, but how large of a hand that humans can have in it. In the world, while 2.5 billion people have no basic sanitation, which results in 1 dead child every 20 seconds, each Canadian uses about 335 liters of water per day (Steven Mannell,…

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