Essay about Balancing Ethical Decision For A Business

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Balancing Ethical Decision to Maximize the Benefits to a Business
Business ethics was mainly in the past mainly linked to how employers and employee interacted and treated each other at work but with the inclusion of computer technology at the office, ethics has grown to take a very different dimension. Ethics at work is not limited to an employee contribution to performance at work and also takes in to consideration their use of equipment and resources while working (Bredeson & K, 2011). The internet has grown to become a powerful tool in business and communication but many company employees also want to use the computers and internet for personal gain and entertainment. This is an increasingly common incident at the office today and the very same scenario paying out on the case study being evaluated. The case study discusses of an important board meeting preparation experiencing a delayed when a group member named Paul volunteers to complete the presentations during his free time over the weekend.
With the deadline approaching and the team far behind schedule, the IT manager and other team members unanimously agree to let Paul borrow a company laptop and complete the project at home. At the time, no one considers any security risk linked to doing this but on Monday a problem is discovered. Fred the IT hardware manager is strictly required to check on all equipment before reconnecting g them to the company network but there is a problem on the laptop used by Paul over the…

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