Bail Disparity Essay

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Racial disparity in the United States can be traced to the birth of the nation. The disparity is evident on a daily basis in our criminal justice system. In fairness to the United States, racial disparity is unique to no one country on the planet. The following information was gathered to answer the question about the bail system, “What can be done to prevent arbitrary and potentially prejudiced decisions from being made?” In order to answer that question I will cite information contained in the U.S. Constitution, United States Attorneys Manual, and documented research done in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigations

U.S. CONSTITUTION First, the Constitution of the United States says that “excessive
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First, in Maryland, a study revealed that African Americans made up 70 percent of drivers that were pulled over and had their vehicles searched by police, while only 17.5 percent of all drivers, to include speeders, were black. Then in the state New York, it was found that minorities charged with felonies were more prone to be detained than their white counterparts. Research determined that 10 percent of minorities detained in New York City and 33 percent of minorities in other parts of New York would have been released before arraignment if the minorities were arrested at comparable rates of their white counterparts.
And, if you take into account that 46 percent of prison inmates and 42 percent of jail inmates are African American, compared to their 12 percent share of the overall population, Hispanics makeup 18 percent of the prison population and 16 percent of the jail population, in comparison to their 12 percent share of the population. It is clear that the justice system is slanted against the minority community or in favor of the majority. (Reducing Racial Disparity in the Criminal Justice System, “A Manual for Practitioners and Policymakers”), The Sentencing Project (2000).

These were recommendations made in on a study to reduce disparity issues in the way bail is currently handled. One suggestion was to do away with money

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