Bacteria Are The Highest Cause Of Death Essay

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Bacteria may be the highest cause of death, but without their help in many aspects of life we would all be dead. Bacterium is a very important staple in everybody’s lives, and helps us with many things in everyday life including decomposition, digestion, and healing. Bacteria are very interesting creatures due to the shear force that they have even though they are microscopic in size, and do not have brains to guide them. Bacteria are everywhere and in every living organisms and help with many bodily functions including, the digestive system, waster production, and are helping with the decomposition of food that we eat. Bacteria are very interesting due to what the bacterium actual can do, what they are even made up of, where they are mostly found, how they are able to do the things they do, and the many things that bacteria do for humans and plants which benefit us. Bacteria aren’t very powerful when they are on their own due to their size, but they quickly make up for it with their immense amount that they can achieve in a very short amount of time. Bacteria are very often associated with disease because they are actively causing many deaths due to the many diseases that can be caused by this including the plague, tuberculosis, and cholera. The diseases that cause you to be sick are only one of the groups of bacteria which are called pathogenic bacteria, which are correlated with millions of deaths. The way that bacteria attack is by multiplying into millions…

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