Bacon 's Rebellion As An Event Essay

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Bacon 's Rebellion is an event which begins to redefine notions of race on the North American Continent, or at least in the Chesapeake region. Before Bacon 's rebellion, there were distinctions made between blacks and whites, and certainly their attitudes on the parts of whites and presumably on the parts of blacks. Where they differentiate themselves and probably thought each was superior to the other. Nonetheless, we see them behaving in a similar way. Some numbers of people of African descent had moved into the land-owning class, sometimes owning the servants, are connected with churches, or cognizant of the legal system and so on.
Substantial numbers of people of European descent are caught in a system of coerced labor called indentured servitude. And indentured servants, whether they are black or white, are considerably treated the same way as slaves. Bacon 's Rebellion changes that, and what seems to be crucial in changing that is the consolidation after Bacon 's Rebellion of a planter class. The planters had not been able to control the rowdy labor force of servants and slaves. But soon after Bacon 's Rebellion they increasingly distinguished between people of African descent and those of European descent. They enacted laws which stated that people of African descent are hereditary slaves. And they increasingly gave some power to white independent farmers and landholders.
That increased power is not equality. Dirt farmers were not elected to the House of Burgess in…

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