Back To The Future Themes

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Truly anyone can change the future. Back to the Future, a science fiction, action by Robert Zemeckis shows the audience many different themes. It tells how people shouldn’t abuse privileges, shouldn’t let “wants” get in the way of “needs”, and must always stand up for what they want. Despite all of these themes, there is one that is completely fool-proof and works for the story. Back to the Future tells people that they are in control of their own future, whether it’s dealing with bullies, causing the butterfly effect, or simply changing an outlook on life. Throughout the three films, bullying is a prominent dilemma that the character must overcome. In the first movie, “George is bullied by Biff, but at the end of the movie he overcomes this and stands up to Biff by punching” (BTTF I). George was being abuse by Biff and was ultimately terrified by him, because of this, his future was negative and Biff still pushed him around; however he punched Biff and showed that he didn’t want to be pushed around. Later in the future, Biff works for him now and he has plenty of courage, this shows that anyone can turn their life around and change their future. The second movie displays the same theme: “Marty meets Griff in the future when he is bullying Marty’s future son, and Marty makes Griff get arrested by standing up to him” (BTTF II). Though Marty’s …show more content…
George, Marty’s son, and Marty have all benefitted from standing up to bullies in one way or another. The butterfly effect is prevalent in shaping each of the movies. In addition, at the ends of the films, there is always an opinion change that betters said person off in the long-run. Back to the Future is a timeless American classic that teaches each and everyone that they are their own person and it will continue to live on for as long as it

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