Babies Are Born Every Second Of Everyday Essay

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Beautiful babies are born every second of everyday (Haub, 2012). With the birth of a new baby comes the new responsibility of nursing it. Many women decide to leave jobs and become a stay at home mother, while others continue to work. Both choices will be great as long as the baby is getting the proper care, but many are debating whether it is best for new mothers to be stay at home mothers or continue to work and provide for the household. In general the bond between a stay at home mother and baby tend to be much stronger than those of a working mother.
To begin with, infants need a ton of attention and care especially from their mothers. As newborns develop they need to establish a close social bond with their mothers. For stay at home mothers that bond will be much stronger than mothers who work away from home. For babies to grow mentally, physically, and socially they need that extra, consistent contact with their mothers. The interactions and bonds between stay at home mothers are much more helpful in the development of their baby because babies learn from what they hear and observe. Also the baby and mother have much more one on one time being home alone all day. For a mother who is home twenty four seven, their baby will hear their voice continuously and adapt to it. Infants learn their language and how to talk based off of what they hear so for example if the mother is home every day reading books and singing to their baby it will be easier for the baby to pick up on…

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