B. Dubois : A Civil Rights Leader Essay

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W.E.B. DuBois: A Civil Rights Leader
W.E.B. DuBois is one of the most influential leaders for African American rights in U.S. history. His work with the NAACP, and his pride for the African American society led to a successful and legendary fight for African rights all around the world. The Civil War had little effect on already freed African Americans like DuBois. DuBois’s parents and grandparents were never slaves, so they weren’t very affected by the end of the war (McKissack & McKissack, 1990). DuBois was born into a already free American family. Based on their location in Massachusetts, it was safe to say that they were safer from discrimination than in the Southern states (McKissack & McKissack, 1990). Because there was little discrimination in the north already, the laws declared at the end of the war mostly affected the states in the south.
DuBois graduated from Great Barrington High School in Massachusetts in 1884. He and eleven other students at his school graduated with honors. Then, graduation was unlikely for any person, no matter their skin color (McKissack & McKissack, 1990). Even as a black student, DuBois was the valedictorian of his class, an impressive achievement for anyone let alone a black person (McKissack & McKissack, 1990). W.E.B. DuBois was the first black student to have ever graduated from his school.
DuBois had no idea that segregated life was so bad. DuBois attended Fisk college in Nashville, Tennessee, for more of an opportunity to learn how…

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