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Ban on Tobacco Advertising in India
Tobacco is a controversial subject in India, while the government tries to implement a bill banning the advertisement of tobacco products. One thing to remember is the tobacco industry is a multi-million dollar business which employs around 26 million people in various aspects of the industry, for this reason there is bound to be conflict. Since the World Health Organization (WHO) is estimating by 2030, that deaths attributed to tobacco usage will increase to around 10 million, in view of that it is advisable to limit advertising that could potentially influence adolescents (ICMR, 2001). According to WHO as of 2011, 19 countries have accomplished a high level of banning tobacco advertising while more than one-third have the minimum or no constraints (WHO, 2013).
Conflict of Interest
While we consider the implications of the ban, we also need to be aware that the government’s responsibility is to protect its citizens and just how far those protections can extend. Ethically, what is the magnitude to which they can make rulings without violating the citizens’ rights? In contrast, how far ought they to go while trying to protect the citizens? After all, by banning advertising, the government assumes that the citizens are incapable of making decisions for themselves and that the government, additionally knows what is best for everyone as a group, not considering each individual citizen (ICMR,…

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