The Immediate Action To Limiting Tobacco Consumption Case Study

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RE: The immediate action to limiting tobacco products consumption

1. Purpose

Smoking is a bad habit that can adversely impact on the smoker’s health as well as others around them. Various studies have been done and supports the statement, but it remains difficult to decrease the smoking habit. Regrettably, in Indonesia, there is a lack of awareness from the smoker regarding the dangers of cigarette smoke that they breathe (Hardisman, 2009).
The high consumption of cigarettes Indonesia believed to pose a very broad negative implications, not only on the quality of health but also of social and economic life in Indonesia. The facts demonstrate that the problem of cigarettes in Indonesia apparently cannot be solved simply by reminding the
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First is increasing tobacco excise. As stated by Ahsan and Wiyono (2007), any increase in excise duty of 10% would reduce consumption by 4% in developed countries and 8% in developing countries. Secondly, total ban of cigarette advertising. By implementing this policy, we will protect children and adolescents, which are the main target of cigarette manufacturers. The tobacco industries recognized that children and young people are an asset for their business sustainability. Therefore, the comprehensive tobacco advertising ban policy should be implemented to protect children and youth from tobacco misleading products image. Thirdly, the implementation of free-smoke public area, it will protect the right of nonsmokers to breathe clean and healthy air, free from tobacco smoke. The smoking ban needs to be applied in public places, workplaces and public transport. Moreover, this policy will also helps the smoker to resist / delay the smoking habit and as a first step smokers to quit smoking. As a result, public are expected to increase their awareness of the dangers of smoking and restore the norm not to smoke in public places. The last is amending the health issue warning on cigarette packs. Health warnings on cigarette packs in the form of pictures will provide more information and education that is inexpensive and effective. Moreover, it considered as an effective policy, because the government does not need to issue a special budget to educate the public about the dangers of smoking, especially people who are illiterate. However, the displayed image size should be increased in order to give more impact for the smoker. Furthermore, it is also will counteract the cigarette ads that have a misleading tendency and on the government side, it shows the seriousness of the government in tobacco control

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