Awareness Project : Visual Arts And Choral Programs Essay

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JSA Awareness Project
In elementary schools throughout the country, the only arts programs acknowledged are the visual arts and choral programs. These, however, are not the only forms of art that a child should learn, or are capable of learning. Arts that a child could learn include, at least, dance, acting, and band. All of these art forms can benefit people as they grow older. There are ways to integrate the arts into any age’s curriculum, and despite the common stereotype, it is not a gender oriented field. At this time in 2016, any person, even boys, can agree (whether or not they admit it) that the arts are not gender oriented. When referring to the arts, however, most people are talking about visual arts and singing. Some girls even agree with this ridiculous myth of a gender oriented dance and acting field. When looking at top celebrities and men who are most often sought after in the media, it all revolves around male singers who are muscular and dynamic. Some of these men do acrobatics at shows, flipping off of speakers and showing off other tricks. Quite often, music videos will feature people dancing rather than the singers themselves due to the fact that the singers do not have the ability of the dancers. This should show anyone that dance is a great field for a boy to learn, even if they do not go into it professionally. Although this is an obvious truth, schools continue to teach the bare minimum, an art project here, a choir enrichment there. Schools need to…

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