What Is Autocratic Power

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The reasoning for why most governments around the world are autocratic is for power. Most governments want complete and total control because it benefits them. An oligarchy is when a few rules over many, an aristocracy has to do with class ranking, having high society making decisions for the people, and totalitarian is having the government have total control and dictation over the people. Countries that use autocratic governments presume that people are not very intelligent and astute to make the best decisions for the country. Those governments like to have the privilege of choosing who gets what, when ,and how. It also keeps the citizen in check and keep them following orders because it is systematic, it is scare tactic. If they people …show more content…
I think people would think it is that way because they do not know how the system works or how to make it work to their advantage. Especially in representative democracies where people get vote for who represents them. In the UK a general election is where people vote for who will be a member in parliament and ultimately represent them until next election. Even though constitutional monarchies and representative democracies are a little different they kind of work the same, in which people hold some power. An oligarchy is where the elite hold all the power and the people have none, yes constitutional monarchies have an elite, but the royal family only has limited power and do not mandate laws. No, I disagree the United States has not developed into an oligarchy. The reason why because we the people still have voices and rights to choose who we want to represent us, the current government and political system might give off the illusion of that it is only because no one knows what they should or are doing. If the United States government has became an oligarchy it is because the people made it that …show more content…
These are just a few of the actions the government does that get people upset, and they should be upset that the government does not have their best interest at heart. The best way to strengthen American democracy is to have a strong America. If the lower and middle class just comes together and realize that there is far more of us than it is of the one percent we could have real political change. So we have to have to vote, campaign, and rally seriously for what we want they have to give it to us. Though it is popular opinion that the U.S. government can do whatever they want they can not because of the people. If we do not not stick together and speak up they will not know what we want. No we should not just complain to each other, but fuss to our local representative but get our voices heard not only on a state level, but even beyond that. When people see that their demands are being met and they have governments attention that will make people have certainty in the

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