Author's Debate In The Kite Runner

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Tonight, CNN proudly presents: Author’s Debate, a show in which we bring you your favorite authors to discuss their books. Tonight’s episode features Chimamanda Adichie author of Purple Hibiscus, and Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner. Join us here where we go behind the scenes of the books and reveal never before heard information.
Mrs. Chimamanda Adichie had a pretty privileged life growing up in Nsukka Nigeria: her father worked at the University of Nigeria and was the country 's first professor of statistics while her mother was the first female registrar. When she was only nineteen years old, Adichie left for the United States to further her education. In 2001 she graduated with a degree in creative writing. It was then that she
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Hosseini: Amir and Baba are both muslims but they don’t participate in the five daily prayers. While, Hassan never missed them. It’s not until Amir is desperate at the hospital with Sohrab that he prays for the first time in fifteen years. He makes a promise to god that he will fast and pray daily. He manages to keep that promise in America. Sohrab is just as religious as his father. This can be clearly see by the fact that he runs away from the hotel in Afghanistan to view the world’s largest mosque.
Mrs. Adichie: My entire novel, Purple Hibiscus, is centered on Eugene 's literal interpretation of his religion and how that makes him seem like a good person. However, in reality he is hurting his family by being so harsh on them. When Jaja and Kambili came back from Nsukka, Eugene burned their feet in scalding hot water for sleeping under the same roof as a traditionalist. He also almost beat Kambili to death for having Amaka 's drawing of her grandfather. Kambili didn’t get a chance to get to know Papa-Nnukwu. The painting is the only memory of him that she has and she wanted to preserve it.
Agatha: Everyone know’s that what makes an author great is their use of language. What literary devices do you use in your works? And how do they enhance your
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Hosseini: I wrote the Kite Runner in the same style-the story being told with a flashback. The book started with Rahim Khan calling Amir to atone his sins. Then flashes to Amir’s childhood and all the events that lead up to Hassan’s rape. In both novels, flashbacks are necessary for the reader to get to know the characters and why they acted in the manner in which they did. In my book, it was necessary to show how on the outside Amir’s childhood seemed perfect. But in reality, Amir was always missing Baba’s approval which is why he allowed Hassan to get rapped. Then, I had to show the guilt he felt for his mistakes and how that led him to become a better person in the end by adopting

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