Essay Authoritarianism As A Political System

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Although the threat of authoritarianism is diminishing all over the world the ideology is always being interrogated, it is however not the case in a majority of the Arab states and the Arab domain. Needless to say, therefore, authoritarianism is designated as a political system that amalgamates and hence concentrates power either in a minority elite group of people or in the hands of one individual ruler. These elite group or ruler nevertheless do not either have the moral authority, ethical standards and is not constitutionally mandated to be the legal representative of the people. Accordingly, the subjects in this nations are limited in exercising their free will and their liberties are curtailed.
Consequently, it stands to reason that more often than not power is arbitrarily exercised by the leaders in total disregard of any existing laws or legal framework. Obviously, the subjects are devoid of any mechanism of replacing such leaders since all their liberties to create or form alternative governments are truncated. It is, however, critical to note that Authoritarianism fundamentally stands in total contrast to democracy, similarly, it is nonetheless totalitarianism. Conversely, in most countries where authoritarian governments exist, they lack advanced directorial ideologies. in addition, authoritarians exercise their influence within comparatively predictable limits due to the fact that they do not tolerate pluralism in social organization; additionally, they lack…

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