Author Tutor Course Date Change in Milk Bacteria and Effect in Teenage Girls Milk Has Been Known to Be Important in the Growth of Human Beings as Well as Other Suckling Mammals. This Fact That Cuts Every Corner of the

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Change in Milk Bacteria and Effect in Teenage Girls
Milk has been known to be important in the growth of human beings as well as other suckling mammals. This fact that cuts every corner of the globe may make it hard for one to comprehend that milk also has disease causing bacteria. Scientists however, have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that indeed such bacteria exist in milk. The list of these bacteria is endless and the diseases caused by them have had extensive effects on human body functioning. Change in milk bacteria has been found to affect the prevalence of a number of diseases. To counter this, pasteurization of milk was discovered to kill a huge number of diseases causing bacterium. However,
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The treatment taking sixth months and above is expensive both to the self and to the government. Studies have shown that most people who suffer from this disease are young, the working bracket, a reduction in the labor force occurs, and a fall in gross domestic product is seen if the number of victims is high like in India. This disease runs over every sphere of the world although the percentages vary. Geographical distribution shows that India has been in the lead followed by Scotland and Saudi Arabia respectively while Australia, USA and Finland have managed less than one percent. The historical perspective has reflected that Africa has been leading in mortality rates resulting from this calamity (Gupta 53).
Nations have taken measures on prevention of disease to their nationals. Developing nations have embarked on poverty alleviation methodologies. Poverty dictates poor nutrition, inaccessibility to information, poor housing and welfare and is thus expedient to have measures to reduce and control it. Amongst the strategies is equal distribution of funds, enhancement of the rule of law, providence of social amenities ranging from health centers, schools to administration offices and equity in education. These countries have also embarked in building research centers and funding universities and colleges involved in medical research (Zourob 23). up infrastructures against corruption embezzlement and manipulation of funds

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