Essay Australian Government And Aboriginal People

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In 1788, Europeans first discovered and settled in Australia. When Australia was established as a colony of Britain, the conflict between Indigenous people and white people had started. The British tried to displace Aboriginal people from their land. They made lots of policies to get rid of Aboriginal people and tried to assimilate Aboriginal people into ‘white’ society. In 1991, the process of reconciliation formally began and this process has been continuing till now. Although the Indigenous Australians suffered under the Australian government in the past, the federal government has in fact been trying to make up and reconcile with them, because the federal government really feels sorry for what happened to Aboriginal people in the past and want to bring Aboriginal people together with other Australians. In this essay, at first, the cruel things that Australia government did to Aboriginal people in the past will be presented. Next, the cruel things that the Australian government did to the Aboriginal people will be presented. Finally, a discussion will be presented to determine how this reconciliation has affected Aboriginal people’s lives.

The Indigenous people suffered great injustice under the government in the past. European settling in Australia robbed the Aboriginal people of their land and their children. With lots of British landing in the Australia, the Aboriginal people were not only pushed off their land but also they lost the right to their land. The…

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