Australia The Land Of Fair Go Analysis

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Australia, the supposed "land of fair go". Isn 't so fair if your skin colour isn 't white or if you 're a woman, or happen to have come by a boat? Everyday, we see somewhere below the news headlines, articles about racism and discrimination in sport, schools and the workforce. How can Australia, the "land of fair go", throw refugees in centres, fleeing from war and terror, like prisoners in rat ridden centres? A "land of fair go" doesn 't allow huge money generating companies to force the Indigenous people off their land so they can tear it apart. A "fair go" is equality, not evidently treating people of different ethnicity, religion, wealth or gender differently. And this is exactly what Australia does.

Australia prides itself how its offers
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Or middle eastern. Or anything but white and caucasian. The Aboriginal people of Australia, despite having lived on the land thousands of years before the presence of Englishman, still aren 't treated equally as non indigenous Australians. In "the land of fair go", their life expectancy is still and average 13.5 years shorter than of non indigenous Australians - a number which is decreasing much too slowly. Aboriginal communities are being closed down, cutting to funding; electricity, legal and medical services, and water, forcing aboriginal people to move out of where they have lived for thousands to years in the cities, where they are considered 'outsiders '. There are more young aboriginal men in jail than in university, and many wrongly accused and convicted due to their lack of knowledge of English and fear of policemen which have being responsible for the deaths of 21 aboriginal people in custody on average each year, a number which is rapidly increasing, and supporting the evidence that Ingenious Australians and not provided with a fair go compared to non Indigenous Australians. Many immigrants and refugees which arrive to Australia are also not given a "fair go". In the Universal declaration of human rights it states: "everyone has the right to seek asylum", but as they try to enter "the land of fair go" they either have their boat turned around by the Australian Navy or are deported to the the Nauru Regional Processing centre then to immigration detention facilities, where they remain until their refugee status is confirmed and have a location to be resettled to. In the Convention of the rights of the child it states "The arrest, detention or imprisonment of a child shall be ... used as a measure of last resort and for the shortest appropriate period of time". An 'appropriate period of time ' is certainly not 400 days. This is how long on average refugees, even children are detained

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