Australia Should Ban The Burqa Essay

1257 Words Aug 31st, 2015 6 Pages
Australia should ban the burqa based on a multitude of reasons. The main reasons are the Burqa creates a threat to national security, violates the fundamental need for identification in all social circumstances preventing social cohesion and for the burqa not only arouses health and safety issues to others but for the person wearing it as well.

Australia’s national security should not be compromised for the few who wear the burqa. Both men and women can easily use the burqa, and many will take advantage of the lack of identification and use them to thieve, rape, and murder. Theses sorts of activities only increase Islamic extremist and terrorist attacks. For example the African nation Republic of Congo, as well as France are banning the burqas due to the latest attacks, no country is truly secure so why encourage these attacks. The burqa essential covers up all expressions and emotions, and creates a wall in society and causes tension. It is only understandable that people expect to see each others faces in public for reassurance for their own safety and security that everyone has a right to according to article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. For all these reasons the burqa should be banned to ensure the safety of Australia and its people, the burqa has no place in our society.

Regardless of who you are and where you come from, it is not a new law that identification is crucial in the social…

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