Australia Holiday

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Australia is a large and relatively dry continent located on the Oceania, which is a continent between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. It is also the flattest continent on Earth with an average elevation of 985 feet; this is one of the primary reasons that the annual rainfall is thinly dispersed and scattered – approximately 16.5 inches. On top of that, 40% of the surface gets less than 10 inches per year, with annual evaporation exceeding annual rainfall on more than three fourth of the land. Hence, Australia is generally warmer than the United States. (All figures from the paragraph above can be found in Country Report).
Australia has a total area of 2,988,885 Square miles. It has an approximate population of 22.7 million people
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Their version of Christmas might differ slightly as Christmas falls on the summer rather than the winter. Christmas are typically spent outdoors rather than indoors. Besides that, Australians also celebrate some Holidays that are culturally unique. Anzac Day stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and is celebrated on April 25th to honor the Australians who have died in wars. On this day, veterans march through the streets in the morning whereas drinks and memories are shared in the afternoon. This is a special day and can be considered as the most important occasion in Australia. Another notable holiday is Australia Day on the 26th of January, where it commemorates that day in 1788 when the English declared Australia as a brand new colony. (All figures and information in the above paragraph are found in “Australian …show more content…
Australians value authenticity and sincerity. Greetings are casual and a handshake and a smile would be sufficient. If invited to someone’s home for dinner, it is important to be punctual and to bring some simple gifts such as chocolate or wine. It is not uncommon that some informal barbeque dinners require you to bring your own meats. In terms of clothing, people in the workplace dress to stay cool due to the mild weather; however, in Melbourne and Sydney, it is slightly conservative where men wear business suits while women wear smart dresses or business suits. In business settings, business cards are exchanged in the first meetings. Australians are very direct and straightforward; even though formal, they are often humorous with their speeches. Appointments should be made prior to the meetings as early as possible. Australians emphasize on punctuality so it is always better to arrive early to meetings. Meetings in Australia are brief yet condensed with little appreciation on excessive details; they are carried out with minimal small talks. (“All information in the above paragraph are found in “Australia

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