Australia And Germany 's Health Care System Essay

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Australia and Germany’s health care systems both offer a range of benefits, both these health care systems have both public and a private health care sector. Germany’s health care system in comparison to the Australia’s health care system have a similar setting towards each other. Each country provides a different amount of health services, Germany has a different political, economic and social influences compared the Australia’s. Both these countries have different perspectives of how the future accomplishments would turn out.
Australia’s health care system
Australia’s health care system works with both public and the private sector. The public sector includes Medicare which covers hospital, pharmaceutical and medical the Medicare was developed in 1984 to help Australians with medical issues and provide free hospital, pharmaceutical and medical funds, these are the common covers that the Medicare provides for people who are with the public sector. Medicare was developed by the government to help Australians with medical needs and help, however these benefits do not cover paramedic funds nor does it provide minor surgery funds for example a person wanting a knee surgery. The pharmaceutical benefit scheme (PBS) was introduced to Australians to help subsidise costs in medications, The PBS has a safety net threshold that contributes in paying for medication.
The private sector of the health care system in Australia is a paid pathway to access immediate treatment for any medical…

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