Essay on Australi A Nation 's Growth

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Australia is a nation whose initial growth was fuelled largely by the labour of prisoners and reminders of our penal roots can be seen everywhere in the form of heritage listed buildings. The concerted effort by the Australian Government in recent years to preserve many buildings that were built from convict labour demonstrates the value that our society has placed on retaining the bricks and mortar links to our historical origins. This was not always the case however as our convict beginnings were once a taboo topic, a source of embarrassment (Crockett, 2015), but they have now become a badge of honour worn proudly by many of our citizens. The shift in attitudes reflects the changes in social and political formations over recent decades. Politicians, schools and Australian people in general, now recognise that the success of Australia has been characterized by the hard-working, “Aussie battler” ethos that was forged so many years ago by our convict ancestors. The Fremantle Prison is an example of how a convict-built structure has remained relevant and found a place in modern Australia, not only providing a link between modern Fremantle and its convict past but also providing other services to the community such as the Francis Burt Law Centre and the Fremantle TAFE Arts School (Mcginty, 1992). When the prison was closed in 1991, there was a debate in the community concerning whether the prison should be demolished or preserved. Ultimately the preservation and subsequent…

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