Austrailian Essay

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Australian Wine Industry Rebuttal

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Justin Bardwell and I am here representing Group 4 of JBS Swift & Co. and we are going to present the rebuttal to Group 10’s Australian Wine Industry case analysis. My fellow group members who have aided in preparing this presentation are as follows:… We would first like to point out the case provided by Harvard Business School mainly describes the New World vs. Old World and the Global Wine Wars of 2009. While the case analysis provided by group 10 mainly focuses on the Australian Wine Industry, which is only one example of the New World wine production country.
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Effective tools of supply chain management, and global marketing could be used to help the Australian Wine Industry not only get, but stay on top.
Our second issue that we felt was important to note was the constraints analyzed by Group 10. Once again they did hit the main points constraining the Australian Wine Industry of: the climate, British heritage, and price competition. But something that we felt was a very important constraint to the Wine Industry within Australia and should have been explored more was the constraint of changing consumer demand across the globe. As consumers were growing older and more health consensus, many were choosing to drink more of certain wines, say Red, and less of others. At the same time as consumer preferences were changing so were the population dynamics across the globe. In the 1980’s(?) the world saw increases in full-service food-away from home, which ultimately led to a reduction in sales of table wines while higher quality wines became more popular with the newer generation households of Double Income No Children. It is vital for the Australian Wine Industry constantly work to stay ahead of these changing consumer demands within the wine industry around the world.
Next what our group noticed was central problem that Group 10 highlighted within their analysis. According to Group 10, the central problem for the Australian Wine Industry was the “the oversupply and under consumption.” And while we do agree

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