Augustus 's The First Roman Emperor Essay

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Augustus came to power in 27BC ‘the first Roman Emperor became a model for his successors including his use of mythical imagery’ ( p.134 block 2). During the middle and late Republic ‘it was fashionable for Roman upper classes to link themselves genealogically with the Gods and Heroes themselves’ (P143 textual sources) Livy said ,It adds dignity to the past, and if any nation deserves the privilege of claiming a divine ancestory, that nation is our own )’ p.17 textual sources) ‘Augustus could present himself as representatives of the trojan prince Aeneas, the founder of Rome’ (p.144 textual sources) Augustus was able to show he both valued tradition and had respect for the gods, by aligning himself with Romulus he could suggest that he was ‘The second founder of Rome’ (Block 2 p108) this belief helped Augustus to lead his people to a ‘new and peaceful age. (p108 block2).

When Augustus came to power, he took over a nation that was at war with its self. During his reign many myths and narratives were rewritten. Livy an historian under Augustus wrote’ so great is the glory won by people in the wars….they declare that Mars was their first parent and after of he man who founded the city.(Livy p. 17)
Augustus used these favourable Foundation myths and narratives to help unify and reunite his people, under a common belief, reminding them of a shared heritage suggesting that by linking historical events and prophases with the events of the day…

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