Essay Augustus 's Influence On The Roman Empire

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Augustus’s contribution to establishing and strengthening the Roman Empire through his military efforts was extensive, but his influence best speaks to us through the literature. The literature composed during the era reflects the values and culture that Augustus tried to impose through his reforms. During this era, several authors would contribute to Latin literature. An enduring legacy of Ancient Rome, Latin literature survives as our closest contact to Ancient Roman civilization.

Only few civilizations have adopted the name of their ruler to mark an era for a true representation rather than convenient labeling. In Odes 4.15, Horace praises Augustus by saying “tua aetas, Caesar”, and many wanted to honor him immediately after his death. Augustus explains in the Res Gestae that he “excelled all in exercising auctoritas” thereby influencing society. Augustus’ authority resounds in the literature written during the era and has left its mark in history.
Prior to Vergil’s Aeneid, epic poetry was written as a historical genre, usually dealing with Roman history with few mythological references to add emotional resonance. Vergil uses sophisticated dialogue between the past and the present by exemplifying the process in achieving something rather than focusing on the achievement itself. In Aeneid (Bk 1.148), Vergil describes how Neptune restores peace and tranquility to the stormy seas by exercising his authority. Vergil uses this episode to compare Neptune’s action to Augustus’…

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