Response To 'Expelled': Video Analysis

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I understand to do theology is to think systematically about the fundamental ideas of Christianity. It is an intellectual reflection on the act, content and implications of the Christian faith. Theology also helps me to better understand Christian doctrine, to make comparisons between Christianity and other religions, to defend Christianity against objections and criticism and to draw on the resources of the Christian tradition to address contemporary situation.
I note that it is impossible to harmonize the contradictory teachings of all religions. I agree that I have to take seriously Jesus command of “do not judge”. This is an important principle in responding to other religions. I have to admit it is difficult to keep this principle. I will need to have an attitude to have love to others and to have a respect for biblical truth. I will have to help others to gain a deep knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The cause of the atonement is because of the love of God and the justice of God. Salvation is understood to be grounded in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is God’s love for humanity that allows us to love God.
I have the misconception earlier in the course that Jesus died so that God could pay a ransom to Satan which was a view of the early church leaders. Jesus died because of the will of God the Father
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In the video it mentioned about Darwin’s theory applies after the first cell. It also shows that the probability in the game of life is so low to accept theory of evolution. I am amazed that there is a wall and pre-assumption in the academic world to reject intelligent design. I suppose scientists are opened to different possible explanations of the scenario and will accept those that have high chances to explain the situation. The media also plays a negative role in the intelligent design

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