Augustine's Reflection On The Ideas Of Christianity

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I understand to do theology is to think systematically about the fundamental ideas of Christianity. It is an intellectual reflection on the act, content and implications of the Christian faith. Theology also helps me to better understand Christian doctrine, to make comparisons between Christianity and other religions, to defend Christianity against objections and criticism and to draw on the resources of the Christian tradition to address contemporary situation.
I note that it is impossible to harmonize the contradictory teachings of all religions. I agree that I have to take seriously Jesus command of “do not judge”. This is an important principle in responding to other religions. I have to admit it is difficult to keep this principle.
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Augustine understands humanity to be born with a naturally sinful disposition. We do not simply participate in individual sin. We discover it as a power that is already present before we exercise our freedom. The origin of sin is not from God. Sin seems to emerge out of the tensions within human freedom. On the documentary of the Catholic priest, I can see that the priest has the freedom to choose to do what is good. At the same time I can see the sin inside him that results in his acts. The documentary suggests that church officials were aware of the Catholic priest crimes. Yet instead of removing him from the ministry, the church hierarchy chose to transfer him from one parish to another unsuspecting parish where he would sin again. The church took steps to protect him and the church. I feel deeply regretful that human is blind to the sin. We need someone to tell us what is obviously wrong. We need God’s salvation to overcome the weakness of human.

My understanding of Darwin’s theory of evolution is that it has issue on a macro scale. There is no sufficient proof for the claim that the origin of life is evolved from non-organic materials. I cannot accept the concept that the complex planet, the galaxy and the universe can “just happened”. The probability of it to happen is so low to be possible.
There are different interpretations of Genesis. Each has its pros and cons. I accept gap concept now as it
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I agree that when we study different religions we should carry it out in love and response to religions with a commitment to truth. Our response to religion must include respect for human liberty. We should learn from Apostle Paul attitudes to other religions as he was prepared, positive, polite, pointed out errors, pointed to Jesus and rested in the power of God. There are always area which we cannot fully explain God’s plan. The church must affirm that the love of God shown in Jesus is sufficient to answer all concerns about God’s fairness. I am amazed at the recent radical change to the Family International. Therefore we should not underestimate the powers of God as it may bring healing even in the darkest

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