Augustine 's Confessions : A Narrative Of Conversion Essay

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Saint Augustine’s Confessions is more than a narrative of conversion. It is a work written in an autobiographical narrative, conveying concepts with deep meaning, mainly about mistakes and the acknowledgment of faults. In Book IV, Augustine describes his relationship with a friend and the friend’s sudden death. Augustine takes us through his mourning process, one in which many people can relate, the feeling of sorrow and despair. These darker times relate to the CIT question speaking of what it means to be human.
When Augustine was a young boy, he friended another boy his age. They grew up together, went to the same school and played with one another. Through shared interests, the two became very close friends. After about a year, Augustine’s friend became ill with a fever and lay unconscious. At the time, Augustine never left his side, they were deeply dependent on each other. His friend eventually died, in which Augustine said, “You took the man from this life when our friendship had scarcely completed a year. It had been sweet to me beyond all the sweetnesses of life that I had experienced” (Augustine 56-57). Here Augustine is talking to God, unhappy that he took his dear friend away from him. He becomes overcome with grief, groaning, weeping, sighing, mourning, seeing death everywhere he looked. His hometown became torture, looking for his friend everywhere, but he was not there (Augustine 57). Augustine says, “I had no hope that he would come back to life,…

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