Augustine 's Conception Of Sin Essay

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I chose the second topic for my essay, and I am gone to discuss how Augustine’s conception of sin as it is developed in The Confessions, and also talk about how does the conception of sin derive from a dualistic conception of the universe, in which body and spirit, as well as the earthly and heavenly realms, are mainly differentiated. As the meaning in religious, sin always means the act that violates God’s will. And also sometimes sin could be viewed as a violation of the relationship between God and individual human being.
In book one of The Confessions, Augustine starts to think about what makes human beings sin and also he seeks the original sin. “For in your sight no man is free from sin, not even a child who has lived only one day on earth.” (27) Normally, we believe that the infants or the little babies are innocent since they are naïve, and the sins are generated with the processes of growing up; however, Augustine believes that babies are not innocent, neither. This idea means that Augustine believes that no one is innocent and no one can escape from sin, no matter how is he or she outstanding or bad is, and everyone needs try to find out God’s mercy in some ways.
Although Augustine believes that the sins are inevitable for everyone, he feels confused about the sins in his own infant period. “Who can show me what my sins were?” and “What sins, then, did I can see that I do not remember about myself?” (27) Infant is the real beginning of human beings on this…

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