Augustine ‚óè Confessions : Evil Or Evil Essay

727 Words Apr 20th, 2016 3 Pages
There has been discussions amongst several philanthropists if we as people learn to be evil or are born evil. While reading our latest assigned book Augustine ● Confessions, we have learned according to Augustine that we were born evil originally. Many have questioned this because God has created us all and why would he create us to be born with evil and malicious intent? However we must remember that God had created the Devil, who was at one point an angel in his camp. So what causes us to bring out these evil and malicious actions against ourselves and others? As we read more, we learn that it comes from our free will. The problem of evil that has been introduced to us; is that God created all things which means he created evil. Now this brings concern to practically every believer of organized religion who worship God in some type of way which is very disappointing. Augustine questions what evil actually is? Is evil a noun or a verb? If evil is not a noun and is a verb than maybe god did not necessarily create it. Which means that evil is coming from another place/source. As a teen, Augustine would steal pears from a tree in a neighbor’s yard with his friends. He come to the realization that if he had been alone, he had probably not engaged in such behavior. Is it our environment or the people we hang with that make us do evil? It was determined that pride is the cause of evil, one of the seven deadly sins. Due to pride even good intentions can turn bad. Also being or…

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