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Augusta Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace was born on December 10th, 1815 in London England and died on November 27th, 1852 at 37 years old. Ada was the daughter of an english poet, Lord Byron. Ada grew up with both her mother and father, Lady and Lord Byron. Her mom was also a programmer but was not as good as the daughter she had raised alone. Ada’s mom gained sole custody of her right after she was born because Lady Byron was afraid Ada would not want to be a mathematician when she grew up but want to be a poet like her father. However fortunate Ada did grow up to be both a mathematician and scientist, although Ada’s mom did force her to be those because when Ada was in her thirties she wrote to her mom wishing she would have let her enjoy the arts her father found enjoyment in.

Ada Lovelace accomplished and highly contributed to the math society. She contributed her knowledge in writing the first computer programs in the mid 1800s. She is known as one of the first computer programmers and way ahead of any other female or male scientist of her time. Without Ada’s intelligence we wouldn't be able to look at everyday websites such as wikipedia or facebook.

Before Ada Lovelace was the tech hero that changed our computers way
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Even with one of her lectures being Augustus de Morgan, who taught a mathematics course at the University of London, which was a men's only university. However this did not discourage the either of them. Augustus de Morgan believed that if Ada continued to study with him her intelligence would become both “mind and body”, and he even wrote that to her mother. Also “Lady L. has unquestionably as much power [of mathematical thought] as would require all the strength of a man’s constitution to bear.”. Morgan saw so much potential in Ada, so he began to include her in his lectures of

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