Essay on Audacious Katipunan Traffic

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Audacious Katipunan Traffic

by Alexandra Fandino

So far, college in Ateneo has been a huge adjustment for me, from eating and study habits to travel time and means of transportation. For 11 years, the travel time from my house to school was always under 5 minutes and the only traffic I knew was the 20 minute maximum traffic that went on right outside my village. Before June 2013, I was the South girl from Alabang, unaccustomed to long car rides just to get to school. After four months of traveling every day to Ateneo from Alabang, I deem the traffic on Katipunan to be the worst part of my commute. The traffic on Katipunan is bad because of problems arising from infrastructure and traffic management, and conduct.

One of the most
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Thus, lanes mix with each other and vehicles indecisively swerve in and out causing traffic. It doesn’t help that the traffic enforcers stand post flailing their arms around, seeming negligent of the traffic rules they need to enforce. Their lack of efficiency in service makes their competency and training questionable, if have they even received the proper training as a traffic enforcer and if they have the skill and intuitiveness to be a traffic enforcer.

Other than problems with infrastructure and inefficiently implemented policies, road accidents is a major factor that contributes to traffic. There are numerous causes for road accidents and these fall under two major reasons. The first is distraction. In a study conducted by students Gutierrez, Canillas, Cleto and Uy, on the Effects of Manual and Visual Distractions to Drivers Performance, they stated that visual and manual distractions cause the driver to divert his attention away from the road, which increases the risk of an accident happening. They illustrated visual and manual distractions in examples such as the use of mobile phones while driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, glancing at billboards, and adjusting the radio. These examples show that if the driver is focused on anything other than driving safely, there is a higher probability of an accident happening, that driving requires the driver’s full attention on road.

The second major reason why accidents happen is conduct on

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