Attitudes And Perceptions Of The Us Government And Australian Government Towards Homosexuality

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Analyse the attitudes and perceptions of the US government and Australian government towards homosexuality in the 20th century and the policies that instigated Throughout the twentieth century homosexuals were persecuted for their sexual attraction to the same gender. Homosexuals constantly endured physical, verbal and cognitive harassment from the government which furthered the social harassment. The government implemented many methods to ostracize homosexuals from being a part of society, such methods include jail sentencing, conversion therapy and the lavender scare. Government These methods were encouraged by the government and the general public. Homosexuality was considered and deemed a security risk by the American government and was seen as a shameful and irremissible crime. The first point of homosexual segregation was in 1953 when President Dwight Eisenhower signed the executive order 10450 officially prohibiting gays and lesbians working for the federal government, they were to be hunted down and fired. This action was called the lavender scare. The American government missioned to find all gays and lesbians working in government jobs and fire them using their sexual preference to excuse the unfair dismissal. The American government viewed homosexuals as a security risk mainly because they were easy subject to blackmail from foreign enemy agents and would give away government secrets in order to keep their sexual orientation a secret. The government spent…

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