Attitudes And Attitudes On Behavior Essay

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Attitudes are overall feelings about someone or something. But can they be used foretell behaviour? There are studies that showed that attitude plays an important part in predicting behaviour. Nevertheless, many other studies have found that attitude alone is not enough to predict behaviour. In this essay, it will be discussed to which degree the attitudes can predict behaviour as well as other factors that are vital in addition to attitude information in trying to foresee behaviour.

It can be argued that attitudes, especially the ones that are easily accessible, can be used to predict behaviour. “Accessible attitudes are those that can be recalled from memory more easily and can therefore be expressed more quickly” (Eagly & Chaiken, 1998 as cited in Hogg & Vaughan, 2014). Fazio, Ledbetter, Towles-Schwen conducted a few experiments to investigate whether the participant, who had accessible attitudes towards the stimuli, could detect changes faster than those with less accessible attitudes. In the first experiment, the goal was to allow participants to get the correct answers by making the changes quite visible. In the second experiment the changes got harder to detect. And in the last experiment the participants were not explicitly told that there were any changes made; they had to detect changes spontaneously, like they would in everyday situations. The findings of the study were that if the object remains stable over time, accessible attitudes are useful. The attitudes…

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