Why Is Atticus Finch Wrong

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Have you ever had a case of drama, that you just had to get to the bottom of? In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. A 40 year old lawyer, and father named Atticus Finch has a case to solve. Atticus has a little 8 year old girl named Scout Finch (main character), who has a very straight forward attitude. He also has a 13 year old son named Jem Finch, who is obsessed with football. And these two are being accompanied by a Black maid named Calpurnia, sadly their mother died when Scout was only 3. But Atticus made his living off of being a lawyer and raising his kids, he was assigned to defend a Black man named Tom Robinson. But a lot of people from around town don 't agree with Atticus’s beliefs of defending a “Negro”. But it only makes sense for Atticus to defend him, simply because of innocence, guilt, and a point that has been proven.
To begin, it makes sense for Atticus to defend Tom simply because this case in unfair, and simply because the jury is unfair. For example, when Atticus is in court session Scout quoted something Atticus said, to Mr. Raymond Scout said, “Atticus says cheatin’ a colored man is ten times worse than cheatin’ white man… says it’s the worst thing to do.” (269) Meaning an accused black man
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For example, when scout goes to school she got got called a “nigger lover” bringing a lot of people in disappointment. On the contrary these things could be avoided, according to atticus be fighting with your head instead of fists “you just hold your head high and keep those fists down… Try fighting with your head for a change… it 's a good one, even if it does resist learning.”(101) this quote illustrates that the disappointment could be revoked if they just stay strong. If as a family they can show their strong. By showing their strong it will only make Atticus stronger, stronger for him to fulfill his duty. And to show that the disappointment don 't bother them causing

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