Atticus Finch Is An Admirable Person Essay

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Atticus Finch is a pleasant gentleman who everyone enjoys to be in the company of. He sticks to his values and is respected for it. For a start, Mr. Finch is an admirable person. One feature of him is his genuineness. He stands up for what he knows is right. An example from the novel is when Atticus decided to defend Tom Robinson in court. He is one of a selected few in the Deep South that does not have a prejudice against blacks. This trait allowed him to take up the controversial case. He knew it was the right option to take, because Atticus wants change to occur in society. The case provides a chance for him to be a cause for that change. Accepting the case was also fairly easy for him as well, since he is not an excessively prideful person. This shows that Atticus likes to choose the path less taken. Indeed, he is not one to join a bandwagon unless it is supportive of his beliefs. When having a conversation with him, a person knows that Atticus is authentic. Even more, Atticus has a likeable personality. The public is comfortable talking to and approaching him. Since Mr. Finch respects the community, they respect him. Any person who is not close to Atticus will say that the community is only respecting him so that he will be willing to help them if they ever need his skills in law. An individual close to him would be glad to contradict this, as Atticus is an extremely sincere being. The respect he hands out comes straight from his soul, which is as pure as can…

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