Atticus Finch Empathy

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I presume I’m dead by this point, unless my will has been read a tad early before I’ve actually kicked the bucket. I hope that whichever soul decides to peruse this gains some bit of knowledge, although personally I wouldn’t trust said knowledge considering I’ve lived this way my entire life and yet I lay dead, buried, and not immortal. Now that you’ve received a fair warning about the questionably accurate/helpful nature of what you’re about to read, let’s begin.
Perspective. Oxford defines the noun as “The appearance of viewed objects with regard to their relative position, distance from the viewer, etc.”. Unfortunately for law enforcement and jealous partners alike, situations are rarely black and white. Only with a diversified portfolio of perspectives can one begin to understand why there
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This quote from Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird demonstrates the importance of sympathy and subsequent empathy as the key to compassion. Without multiple sources from which to derive information about someone’s upbringing and activity, it becomes nearly impossible to connect with a person beyond a superficial level. This is important because social interaction is key to human development, as well as experiencing different opinions and worldviews which consequently increases knowledge of the world as well as improve the ability to see that problems often times reside in the gray portion of the traditional black and white mapping of conflict. In contrast to empathy as a way of reaching a suitable resolution, the human instinct of destruction or paranoia concerning unknown entities is arguably what kept our precursor species alive. Their assumption that all other beings were hunting them led to the enhanced development of survival techniques that led to the eventual domination of Earth by Homo

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