Essay on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
According to Merriam Webster Dictionary (2013), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is defined as a syndrome that consists of disruptive behavior and disordered learning. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is not caused by a physical or mental disorder but by symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsive behavior and inattentiveness.
The debate of whether or not children are being over diagnosed has been ongoing for years. As a parent do you medicate your child and follow the physician’s advice? Only if you have studied up on the medications that are being used to treat this condition and the side effects associated with each drug. There are also many alternative solutions to try before
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The American Heart Association recommends that children be evaluated for heart problems prior to taking a medication for ADHD because it is a stimulant and there is concern for what happens to the heart that is consistently increased due to these medications. Medicine Net (2013) tells us that a recent investigation of the drugs used to treat ADHD could have possible serious side effects. Cardiovascular issues such as heart attack, heart-rate increase, rhythm disturbances and possible stroke could be a cause for concern.
Medicine Net (2013) also indicates that 5%-9% of high school students and 5% to 35% of college-age students report the use of non-prescribed stimulant medication. It appears that these medications are being transferred to other individuals who have not been prescribed the medication. Approximately 16%-29% of people who take these stimulant medications for ADHD report that they have been approached to give, trade or sell the prescription and the most common reason given was that they helped improve studying habits, improved mental alertness or it helped them get energy or high or they were experimenting with drugs.
Simpson & Murphy (2011) state that, “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is shown to be one of the most common mental disorders”. ADHD is a chronic bio behavioral disorder and can lead to academic, social and emotional functioning. Medicine Net (2013) state that ADHD is more common in boys than girls. Some of the common

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