Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ( Adhd ) Essay example

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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, or for short ADHD, is a chronic conidiotn that affects children and sometimes goes into adulthood. This disorder could contain different problems like difficulty in paying attention, being hyperactive and sometimes being impulsive. In the world there are a lot of ways to evaluate if someone has ADHD and there ways in treating it not to make it gone but to at least help a great deal with the symptoms. The key to helping someone with ADHD is to try to diagnosis early and start treatment. Often times ADHD lessen with age and the person grows out of it but rare times people get stuck with it into adulthood. Are children not sitting still? Are they not paying attention in class? Do they start things and then never finish them? If the answers are yes then that child may have ADHD. Everyone has shown some of these behaviors but if it is persistent for quite a while it could be time to get diagnosed. When children with ADHD get diagnosed esrly it makes a big difference while they are growing up. Children could be diagnosed the earliest by the age of two or three. Although there is always positives and negatives to getting diagnosed that early. In a preschool setting you might have children who show one of these signs at one time or another its normal. At the age of a preschooler it is known that they have short attention spans and don’t like sitting at one activity for a long period of time. Young children are the same when hyperactive it’s…

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