Essay on Attention Deficit Disorder Is A Psychiatric Disorder

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Chris Kushmick 1
Dr. Evans
Attention Deficit Disorder Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a psychiatric disorder. People who have this disease show problems of impulses, hyperactivity, and the inability to pay attention. (Barkly R. 1990) They will often come off as immature. They will do things that are inappropiate for how old they are. Most people just brush it off as immaturity, but in some cases it actually can be a real disorder. ADHD is another disorder that becomes a more prominent trait of your personality. Attention Deficit Disorder was first described by Professor George Still around the year 1907. He noticed a pattern in children having hyperactivity and first described certain symptoms of ADHD. Attention Deficit Disorder is normally found in young children, but some studies now find that even young adults can be diagnosed with the disorder. Scientists used to believe that kids would eventually grow out of the disorder as they hit young adulthood. Recent studies have shown in fact that two out of three of every child diagnosed still carry some symptoms of the disorder into later life. (Barkly R. 1990) It 's unknown why this remains hidden in adults. However, the idea behind it is that over the years you learn to compensate for such things. You learn to blend into society make your self seem more of the normality. After having the disorder for so long, it manifests itself as a trait in your personality. There are many…

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