Attention Deficit Disorder : A Psychological Disorder Essay

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Attention deficit disorder, also known as ADD, is a psychological disorder that effects how the brain functions in normal everyday activities. This type of disorder is most common in children it can be carried into adulthood, as well as be diagnosed in adulthood. In the last 20 years this has become the most diagnoses neurological disorder in children and is also, unfortunately, the most over medicated disorder as well. Attention deficit disorder was first recorded in history during 1798 a doctor by the name of Sir Alexander Crichton he described one of his patients as having a disease of attention and having mental restlessness. Then in 1932, the disorder was named, hyperkinetic disease. 1937 is the first recorded year of being prescribed medication to counteract the behavior issues associated with ADD. The medicine give was Benzedrine. 1944 a chemist, Leandro Paniizon, synthesizes methylphenidate and names it Ritalin. It is not until 1970 until scientist discover that Attention Deficit Disorder is caused by a neurological processing issue. 1980 is the year they changed the name of the disease from hyperkinetic disease to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The early nineties brought three subtypes of the disorder; predominantly inattentive, predominately hyperactive-impulsive, or combined. 1996 Adderall is released for sale in the United States. All drugs released by this time were stimulant based, in 2003 Strattera is released as a non-stimulant option. In the mid 2010’s…

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