Attending An Open Discussion Mental Health Group Meeting Alcoholics Anonymous

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For assignment three, I chose to attend an open discussion mental health group meeting called Alcoholics Anonymous. It is a support group for individuals working towards recovery of alcoholism. The location of this group was downtown Birmingham at the Advent Episcopal Cathedral, 521 20th Street North. Open discussion meetings are held on the ground floor every Friday, however it is not easy to find. The door to the meeting room is hidden within the courtyard of the church and not marked by a sign. Even the employees working at church were unsure of the location of the meeting. Once our group finally found the meeting location, we entered to find only three attendees. The meeting room was fairly small and filled with chairs that surrounded a table in the middle. There was no particular reason I chose to go to a meeting for alcoholics. I have never had a personal experience with this disease, although I have known multiple people that have. Alcoholism seemed to be fairly common in my opinion, so I thought it might be interesting to learn more about it. Once we entered the meeting room and found a seat, the three attendees welcomed us. Slowly others began to enter the meeting, along with the leader of the group. Once everyone arrived the room was almost full with around fifteen attendees. It appeared that most of them attended meetings regularly, because they knew each other’s names and asked how they had been doing. The leader of the meeting informed our group of what…

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