Essay Attending A Non Denominational Church

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Due to curiosity, I decided to attend a non-denominational church on January 3rd,2016. It was a new experience for me. In the past, I attended a Haitian Baptist Church until I went off to college, and have not attended church since. I was invited by a friend to I attend, and decided to go. The question I wanted to answer was, Is a non-denominational church drastically different than a Haitian Baptist church? The service I attended was the 12:30 service at Jubilee Christian Church. Everyone engaged in conversation and, it was a very friendly environment. The seats were filled by the time the service started. The service opened up with a prayer. Afterward, music started to play, and this was the start of praise and worship. What I really enjoyed was the atmosphere. The lights were dimmed so people could feel more comfortable and the music consisted of a good balance of upbeat music, and slow music. Songs were sung and people worshiped for about forty-five minutes. This was a very moving experience. Glancing into the audience, it was evident that everyone was engaged in the worship. Since it was the first Sunday of the month, the church participated in communion. The pastor explained that communion is a symbolic ceremony in remembrance of Jesus Christ. Together the congregation partook in the eating of the bread, which symbolizes Christ’s body, and the grape juice, which symbolizes Christ’s blood. I was not certain if I could participate being a new member, but the pastor…

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