Attaining Expertise Essay

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Attaining Expertise
Daphney Walker
June 2, 2014
Holly Berry

Attaining Expertise In every industry experts are needed to teach others certain skills, give advice, and use strategies to solve problems. Individuals can attain expertise by focusing on a particular skill to improve. It is said that “experts are made and not born,” so expertise is not attained in one day, but takes practice and time and individuals also attain expertise at different rates performance levels. Experts develop cognitive processes that result in their high levels of performance, “Extensive practice can develop expertise in high level skill (Anderson, 2010). Acquired knowledge and skills are needed to attain expertise. This material will discuss
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In the cognitive stage for developing teaching skills would involve education and training. The student teacher has to acquire the knowledge and training needed to be an effective teacher and develop a good grasp and understanding of the information presented.

Associative Stage The associative is the second stage and begins when the leaner has acquired the basic movement pattern. This stage is the procedural representation of knowledge and involves recognizing and eliminating the errors in the “initial understanding and the methods required for successful performance is strengthened” (Anderson, 2010, p. 245). So elements of the performance that are not done properly are detected and eliminated and the procedures that are performed accurately are strengthened. In this phase the procedure is more accurate and performance is more reliable, consistent and efficient after each trial. Parts of the movements are also controlled more automatically. So the associative stage is where the learner can perform the procedure for the skill successfully. Emphasis is concentrated on practice or repetition to enhance and synchronize mind and muscles. Practice improves the skill and develops smoothness and put the learner at ease to perform the skill. Both the declarative and the procedural representation of knowledge can coexist together and does not have to replace the other, but the procedural is dominant (Anderson, 2010). In this stage the student teacher

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