Atomic Bomb Persuasive Research Paper

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The atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945. The bomb was created and dropped to defeat Japan and Defend the United States. There have been many debates on whether the bomb should have been dropped or not. The bomb should have been dropped because it saved many American lives, Japan had a warning to surrender, Japan did many bad things to the Chinese and the Americans and America has had enough. President Truman ordering for the atomic bomb to be dropped saved many American lives because if the bomb was not dropped, the war would have continued even longer giving Japan a longer time to continue invading the United States killing more and more Americans. Even though there are arguments that Truman knew that there were many other ways to end the war, if he had used other ways, it would have took time for him to think and come up with other ideas to end the war which would have gave Japan more time to invade and kill Americans.” The Japanese had made a determination to fight literally until death”, this means that Japan will continue and continue to invade America. …show more content…
The Japanese raped women, forced people to become sexual slaves, murdered civilians, and tortured and executed prisoners. The Japanese even went on a rampage, they murdered several thousands of unarmed civilians, and raped between 20,000- 80,000 men, women, and children. Japan’s attack of Pearl Harbor also made America upset which also contributed or led to the bomb. The Japanese tortured American prisoners, left them without food, buried some alive, and executed some. Thousands of them died from diseases, starvation, and forced labor. All of this gives Truman a even more reason to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. Japan gave America so many reasons to drop the bomb, they were also warned, and the bomb saved American lives. Truman made the right decision. I would have dropped the bomb

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