Athletic Director Essay

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An athletic director (commonly "athletics director" or "AD") is an administrator at many american colleges and universities, as well as in larger high schools and middle schools, who oversees the work of coaches and related staff involved in intercollegiate or interscholastic athletic programs ( They are in charge of an athletic department at a high school, college or university and at some colleges, the athletic director may hold academic rank. They are usually considered to be full-time administrators instead of, full time faculty members.
Although technically in charge of all of the coaches, they are often far beyond well-compensated and also less famous, with few having their own television and radio
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A minimum of a bachelor's degree will be needed for entry-level positions. It's more common that athletic directors have a master's degree in addition to 2-3 years of experience in coaching, administration or both. Many athletic directors have had previous experience as athletics coach. Athletic directors in high schools usually have teaching and coaching experience.
They may also have a master's degree in educational leadership or sports management.

Athletic Director Skills and Salary

Athletic directors must have excellent communication skills and organizational abilities.
They should be able to set and accomplish goals and coordinate and manage activities and staff.
Based The Athletic Director salary range from $51,000 to $161,000 a year and depends on the size of the institution and the director's years of experience. An athletic director at a division one school usually earns more than a director at a high school or small college.

Qualified applicants will have a master’s degree in higher education administration, counseling, business, law or a relevant discipline; minimum 3 years’ managerial and successful athletic administrative experience; and a proven track record of promoting and marketing intercollegiate athletics programs ( Competency in establishing measurable goals and implementing strategies to achieve them is critically

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