Asthma For Life : A Short Note On Asthma Essay

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Asthma for Life
The person I interviewed was my 16 year grandson D. Bass. Mr. Bass lives in a small rural community about twenty minutes away from me. He has had asthma his entire life. This interview took place at my house, he drove over on a Sunday afternoon to visit and I conducted the interview. I spent about an hour asking him questions, then did a brief physical assessment on him. He is a typical adolescent teenager and had to hurry out had somewhere to go.
I first completed the interview part of the questionnaire. After this was completed I took his vital signs, he had a blood pressure 98/60, temperature 98.4, pulse 88, respirations 18 and oxygen saturation of 98%. He is 5 foot 8 inches tall and weighs 150lbs. His lungs were clear upon auscultation, respirations were even and unlabored. He had no shortness of breath to report, no wheezes noted. Mr. Bass was able to answer my question fully without pausing to take a breath. Listed below are the questions and answers to the interview that I completed with my grandson.
1. Do you have a diagnosis of asthma? If so, how long? Yes, for as long as I can remember (Bass, 2015).
2. Do you have any family members with a diagnosis of asthma? Yes, my mother also has asthma (Bass, 2015).
3. Depending on the age/ do you smoke or anyone in your family smoke? No, I do not smoke my Aunt Hannah & Uncle George are the only ones in the family that smoke (Bass, 2015).
4. Are you allergic to anything?…

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